the advantages of freelancing

6 Quick-Bits About the Benefits of Gigs as a Freelancer


Freedom of choice, the regain of autonomy. Having the freedom to choose your clients and have control of what projects you undertake is a big plus of freelancing. Provided theres plenty to go around, you can choose which clients and projects suit you the best.


The laptop-lifestyle! A highly sought after alternative to the hussle-bussle of the modern day office. No long commutes and traffic jams, limited expenditure on the extortion of gas. Being able to wake up when you like, work when you like, work how you like. Flexibility is the golden feature of freelancing.

Further your Finance

At a full-time job, your pay is capped. When you freelance, your earning potential is only capped by you. Especially in the age of digitalisation, your work can transcend geographical barriers. Its easier than ever to work with anyone, anywhere in the world. You can gain clients from across the world, have your work distributed across the world. Freelancers who utilize freelancer paltforms like to market their services can better their reach to clients across the globe.


Excelling in one subject is good, but freelancing allows you to excel in a multitude of skills. You will learn more in 5 years of freelancing then you would in a corporate position. You’re constantly working with new clients, on new projects, and all the while also innovating and improving your own craft. You and your field are constantly evolving. As freelance writer Kinzal Jalan puts it; “you are your own sales person, pre-sales person, and marketing executive”.

Innovate your craft

The freedom a freelancer gains is more than jsut their clients and schedules. Freelancing also enables you to truly be free with the science of your craft. To innovate and explore new ways and techniques to further your freelancing. If you’re a writer, your news agency will have you simply writing articles. If you’re a freelance writer, you can be doing articles and scripts and website content and audio books. With the freedom to innovate, you can truly explore your passion.

Improve yourself

This freedom allows for a lot of growth, as you have more time to absorb the world around you in. Your craft constantly evolving is bettering your expertise and keeping you quick on your feet. Working with lots of different clients build up your people skills and confidence. Although freelancing is difficult, you can generally expect it to be less mundane and demoralising than a corporate job. Being happier as you go through life is a privilege in its absolute form. Freelancing gives you several foundations to better yourself, your life and the ones around you.

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