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Quick tips to split from the rest as a freelance graphic designer

In a field that is both heavily creative and saturated. You have two options; follow the rules or break them. Find your own brand, your own style, and perfect that till you’re a stand out freelancer in the field of design.

Standing out is not an easy feat, avoiding blending into the background is not an easy feat. Being a household name, famous for your work, is no easy feat. There is no bullet-proof way to reach success in the field of design, but follow these tips and you’ll be better off.

Compare and Contrast

Look at other designer’s work, this is how you build a base for your work to then innovate off of. Copy artists that you like, straight up copy them. This will not only show you what you’re up against but also what techniques you can use.

Once you’ve gotten confident with the style, you can then use this as a foundation to then innovate off of. Looking at other designer’s work will show you what you’re up against, let you practice how to achieve a similar aesthetic, and then provide you with a base to then create your signature style.

Become a Scientist

This rides on the coat-tails of the previous point’s innovation mantra. Don’t be afraid to jump into the deep end sometimes, don’t be afraid of doing something bizarre or out of the ordinary. I would advise that the best thing you could do is stumble across the next big thing in the field of design, and be publicly known for it. Following trends is unlikely going to make you stand out.

Brand Image

What do you want people to associate with you as a designer? What do you want them to associate with you as a person? Hitting both in a positive light is optimal. Being known for both your signature style and being the “funny guy” or the “odd-ball” is going to help you from fading into oblivion.

Clientele Relationships

I have an in-depth article on Clientele Relationship management, you can check it out here. But to summarise the areas of importance:

  • Keep in touch with your clients on updates and hiccups.
  • Cater your approach to their priorities.
  • Mirror their communications styles.
  • Make them aware of any unavailabilities (time-off, sick leave).
  • Welcome any and all revisions they have to the best of your ability.

Complimentary Add-Ons

Clients are not going to have as good of a time with you if you charge them for every stroke you do, every second you spend on the project, every little thing you do for them. Clients are more likely to come back to you if you go the extra mile for them.

If you’re redesigning their website, throw in an extra graphic – a logo or banner for example. Clients are going to see the value that you provide, and that is going to make you a much more appealing choice for future work of theirs.

Listen to your clients 

Many graphic designers approach the task from a creative perspective, whilst clients tend to approach it from a business sense. Often times this may lead to Freelancer-Client tensions, this is nothing new though. Hear out your client, listen to what they are looking for, at the end of the day you are trying to give your client an effective experience.

If you design company logos, create one that fits the client’s business mold and another that fits your own creative view. Listen to your clients and give them options.

Explain your Process

It is in your interest as a designer to explain to your client why you did what you did. Clients aren’t experts in the field of design and would benefit from the justification of your process. Tell them why the colors you chose illicit an emotion in consumers that the client’s brand is catering to. Explain why the design you created appeals to the age-range of the client’s demographic.

This will also show them that you have their business interests in mind, making you a key player in the longevity of their brand.


People skills are going to get you rebooked by your clients, but you have to take it further than this. Speak to your clients, do they have friends or business partners that need a graphic designer? Always look to find more clients. You’ll grow your network whilst gaining contingency clients for if one of your clientele drops you or isn’t needing graphic design.

Put your work out there too, the more exposure you get the better! provides freelancers a platform to market their skills and services. Our base freelancer membership plan is literally free, so there’s no harm in putting up your work on our platform too so you may grow your clientele.

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