the importance of personal branding

What is a Personal Brand and why do you need it?

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You may be asking yourself, what is a personal brandWhy do I need it? You may already be familiarised with personal branding, but it doesn’t hurt to brush up on its importance. Here is what a personal brand is, and why it’s a necessity for the world of freelancing.

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What is a Personal Brand?

To put it as simply as possible, a personal brand is your presence, whether it be online or offline. Your personal brand represents who you are, what your values are, and – in the case of freelancers – what you offer to your clients.

Your personal brand transforms into the impression that you give to your clients, and indeed to other freelancers in your field. Using content, imagery, and placing all your values into action, you present yourself to the world in the way you want.

Effective personal branding will help you create recognition as a credible voice in your field. The economy of freelancing is a seriously competitive one, there are hundreds of millions of freelancers across the world, nearly a third of the US workforce are freelancers (around 53 million people). Having a strong personal brand is a tool used by stand out freelancers to secure their position as an in-demand professional.

Where does your Personal Brand show up?

Your personal brand will show up primarily in two places, the aforementioned online and offline realm. The way you present yourself online in social media and freelance platforms – like – are imperative to the modern-day freelancer. Not having an online presence is a shortcut to failure, so having a great personal brand online is going to help you stand out.

The other side of the coin for personal branding is you, offline. How you interact with your clients, your personality, your skills. Looking great online is one thing, but maintaining that energy when it comes down to working with your clients is what will really seal the deal. This is where word-of-mouth starts to happen, which is when things will really start going your way.

Why do you need a Personal Brand?

Personal Branding is so important that it’s difficult to explain what it is without simultaneously explaining the importance of why you need it. So many of these next points are reiterations of the content in What is a Personal Brand?.

Personal branding, admittedly, is a bit self-important, it is a bit self-centered. But if you want to stand out in your field then you need to show your clients that you are confident in the services you provide. You may ask yourself “do I really need a personal brand?”And the answer is an unequivocal YES!

If you don’t, then you are doomed to fade into oblivion amongst the other millions of freelancers who didn’t put their heart and soul into their freelancing.

You need your personal brand to leap out at clients and tell them what they need to know in as short a time as possibleWho you are, what you provide, and why the client should contact you.

The 5 Benefits of Personal Branding:

Ultimately, your personal branding is designed to boost your professionalism and thus your network. This will help you progress in your career. Establishing an effective brand will enable you to:

  • IMPROVE AWARENESSIf you are actively building your personal brand, your visibility will naturally increase over time. Sharing content and insights on who you are and what you do will establish and uphold your brand.
  • ESTABLISH RELATABILITYYou want the best of both worlds. You need to show your clients that you are a professional and that they need your services. But you also need to show then that you are also just a regular, normal person. This will do two things for you, it will put faith in the client that you are the right person for the job whilst also making you approachable so that it is easy for the client to want to engage with you. Upsell your services with prestige whilst downplaying how great you are as a person with humor. A balance of confidence and modesty.
  • Stand out from the competition 

Your personal brand is unique to you, this is what will set you apart from everybody else. Let’s face it, anybody can share content and have an online presence. Your personal brand is your opportunity to differentiate yourself. get noticed by your prospective clients by resonating with them.

  • BECOME MEMORABLE It’s not just about standing out, it’s about remaining in the client’s head after the job is done. A lasting impression will help you; get re-booked when your client needs another eco-conscious graphic designer. As well as your client can refer you to their work-acquaintances if they say they need a graphic designer too. A strong personal brand will help you spring to their minds when they need your services again.
  • BUILD YOUR CONFIDENCE Being reminded of how unique you are and the level of quality you bring professionally is a great confidence booster. You are forced into remembering the value you bring to the table with your great services, this is why a solid personal brand will build your confidence too.

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Part 3: Freelancing: Personal Branding Tips, Practices, and Keys!

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