how to stand out a s a photographer

How to cut above the crowd as a freelance photographer.

“Three years to study photography? Can’t you just read the manual?”

There’s no doubt about it, the photography field is a heavily saturated one. Talent and expensive cameras are no longer pinnacle ingredients in the recipe for a photographer’s success. In order to stay a cut above the rest, there are some core skills you’ll need to work on.


Keep evolving your craft, master every aspect of photography that you can, make this your mission. You’ll cut over the crowd of photographers that only use the automatic program functions if you master the manual. Learn how to master lighting, aperture priority, shutter priority, off-camera lighting, and so on. Develop your techniques and use your new skills to stand out – and charge more. Pushing yourself forward can only do good for the progression of your photography.


Focus on one area of expertise. Considering the wealth of freelancers and the plethora of workshops and other avenues to learn photography. You will only be able to stand out as a freelancer if you focus your craft on the area of photography you enjoy the most. If you’re posting your work online or have a photography business, this will be a sure-fire way to gain clients. They will be able to align with you as your style matches theirs. It is better to be a market leader in a niche than have general knowledge across all fields.


To ensure the longevity of your photography, always innovate on your craft. Keeping it up to date with the latest technology will enable your pathway to innovation. But be wary, avoid shiny-object syndrome. The latest and greatest camera may come with an army of new features, but it may only serve to complicate your life. Frustration and confusion are not what you need as a professional of any sort. Avoid technology that doesn’t simplify your life. If the upgrade is worth it then practice till the new technology becomes second nature.


Work on your people skills, technical abilities alone isn’t going to let you excel. People skills are going to get you through the door, but technical capabilities are going to keep you in the room. It isn’t uncommon to be hired by a client before they’ve even seen your work if you’ve managed to charm them. Whether you are photographing them, or a product they have, putting a smile on their face goes a long way. Establish a connection.


People skills are going to get you rebooked by your clients, but you have to take it further than this. Speak to your clients, do they have friends or business partners that need a photographer? Always look to find more clients. You’ll grow your network whilst gaining contingency clients for if one of your clientele drops you or isn’t needing photography.

Put your work out there too, the more exposure you get the better! provides freelancers a platform to market their skills and services. Our base freelancer membership plan is literally free, so there’s no harm in putting up your work on our platform too so you may grow your clientele.

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