How to keep on top of your health and happiness as a freelancer!

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is imperative for anyone, freelancers are certainly no exception. It’s important to stay healthy when the majority of your day is most likely spent sitting at a computer.

To keep healthy is to keep happy and to keep happy is to keep the creative juices flowing. Here is an outline of 4 essential tips to keep you going when you work for yourself.

Optimize the way you sit, but not for too long!

Sit Correctly…

Does your day center around a computer screen? Yeah, me too.

Posture is everything when the bulk of your waking hours are spent hunched over a laptop. It is recommended by doctors that you sit up straight. I like to envision that the queen has arrived and I must be as physically astute as possible, as to avoid execution.

Fight shy of leaning into your computer screen, craning your back and neck can lead to muscle pains. Make sure your legs are bent at right angles so that your feet are flat on the floor. This optimizes how you sit so you’ll be in as little physical discomfort as possible.

…But Not For Too Long

No matter how envious I may get of your wonderful sitting posture, it is important to keep moving. It’s recommended that you should stand up every 30 minutes to keep your blood flowing. Go for a lap around your room, your office, your kitchen. Put the kettle on and go walk outside for a minute, go back and make your coffee. Spend your phone calls pacing around.

It’s not only about staying physically active and keeping your blood flowing. It’s also just nice to break things up a bit, look outside at the mountains, the cities. We’ll get more into that later…

Maybe a standing desk is in order for you, they have become increasingly popular over the last few years. Personally, I consider standing desks a form of contemporary torture device, Henry VIII would turn green.

Eyes, shoulders, neck… Physical health is important!

The bills have eyes

As a freelancer, sitting in front of the computer helps you get paid. Getting paid means you can cover your bills, but try not to sacrifice your vision in the process. I’d like to introduce to you the 20-20-20 rule, they don’t teach you this one in math.

Every 20 minutes, you should take out 20 seconds to look at something 20 feet away.

This will minimize eye strain and fatigue. It’s not only recommended for someone – like a freelancer – to keep their eyes hip and happening. But it’s also just recommended for general health and preserving one’s eyesight.

A chiropractor’s worst nightmare

Stretching and exercising at your desk combats the negative physicals effects of your otherwise sedentary lifestyle. Doing arm, neck, and shoulder stretches as often as you like will help keep you from muscle pains and cramps. It will also help keep you away from expensive chiropractors.

Jumping jacks and squats will keep your body in good shape throughout the day. You’ll need more room for these but they will work wonders for your longevity.

Stay hydrated and keep snacking!

Hydrate or migrate

That’s my lame attempt at an interesting heading, basically just keep drinking water or leave.

Coffee is a good kickstarter, but if you want to maintain yourself throughout the day then waters the way. If not, you’re looking at dehydration, fatigue, headaches, and difficulty focusing.

Let’s be honest, water is boring. Albeit not as boring as my lazy attempt at a heading, water is still a bit of a snooze-fest. Add lemons, add mint, add cucumber, there’s a variety of ways to brighten up your drink.

As I am a man of sophistication, cucumbers are my personal choice. But as I am a man, there are never any vegetables in my house, so plain will have to do.

Keep Snacking!

Nothing slows you like sugary sweets that only serve to sweep you into a sluggish sleep.

Avoid fatty foods and instead focus on healthier ones. I’m not talking about the depressing health bars that are popping up everywhere. But snacks like fruit, cheese, granola bars (with the icing on em), will keep you energized throughout your working hours.

Keep to your workspace

Set Strict Working Hours

State when you’ll work and stick to it, developing a routine will put you in an efficient work-mind. Freelance when you have to freelance and enjoy your time off. This will keep your work-life balance in check, which is important for your mental health’s longevity. I also have an article on how to manage your freelancing – it’s also boring. I’ll link it below.

Give exclusivity to your workspace

Confine where you work to your desk, or to a specific space at your home. Do all your work there, don’t do anything in your room or on the couch. Make your workspace exclusive to work, this will also centralize where you stress out. Detaching where you work to where you sleep will give you home balance, distinguishing where you can enjoy relaxation.

When you work at home, it sometimes feels like you’re sleeping at work.

That’s what you are trying to avoid. I follow the above-mentioned tips myself as a freelance entrepreneur and they add little wonders to my day.

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